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Monday, May 6, 2013

Installing the Nucleus Hives

After getting the bees to their new home, it was time to move them into their permanent hives. They were in a couple of 5 frame nucleus (nucs) hives. I needed them in their new 10 frame langstroth hives. Apparently this has to be done in a certain way or the bees can get confused. They learn where their home is and if it is moved very much, they get lost. I definitely did not want to mess up my bees. They were kind of pricey. Besides, I felt like I just adopted 60,000 kids.
 So here is how it went down. I placed the nucs directly in front of their current positions allowing me to place the new hives as close as possible to where I just moved the nucs from. I then opened a nuc and a new hive. I removed six center frames from the new hive and one by one moved the frames from the nuc into the new hive being careful to keep them in the same order they were in the nucs.
 The first hive went very well. I saw the queen and was careful not to squish (roll) her between the moving frames. I initially pulled out 6 frames from the new hive so I would have room to slide everything in place. After installing the bees into the new hive, I slid the frames toward each other and slipped the extra one I pulled out in the empty space on the edge of the hive. Just being careful not to hurt anyone.
 The second hive was going great. I was moving the frames looking for brood and honey when I spotted the queen. She then fell off the frame and kind of flew around. I am pretty sure that was when I lost her. I am still trying to get that hive back up to speed.
 None the less, after all was said and done both hives were ready to go and full of bees. Fortunately they have stayed in their new homes and have started building comb.
 I have since built two nuc hives for collecting swarms. If only someone would call me to go collect a swarm.
 One more note, as far as equipment goes, I have a smoker, a hive tool (a must have), and a bee veil. I have since done bee work without the veil but I like to wear it most of the time. I only use the smoker if the bees seem agitated.
Happy Hives
Apparently you are not supposed to paint your entrance reducer. Oops.

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